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fire kirin game machine

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As the developer of Fire Kirin game, We also ohelp customers choose the right game machine, so we know a lot of manufacturers and know a lot about machine maintenance. Today I would like to share with you some troubleshooting issues about the Fire Kirin game machine, including some common troubleshooting methods and a detailed case, hoping to help solve your problems.

maintain the fire kirin game machine

Summary of Common Faults of the Fire Kirin Game Machine:
1.If the screen is not lit, check if the adjustment card indicator light is on.
2.If the screen card light is on, check if there is a 12V voltage output at the red pen of the signal driver board. If not, please remove the small board and send it for repair.
3.If the screen card light is on and the signal board has a 12V output, check if there is a 24V voltage value at the red pen of the power supply. If not, remove the small board and send it for repair.
4.If there is no sound, check if there is power and power to the amplifier, and if the amplifier has any lights on. If there are no lights, it may be due to excessive voltage at startup burning out the amplifier fuse. Replace the spare fuse. If the issue persists, remove the screws and take out the amplifier for repair.
5.Black frame: If the screen appears black and white or with shadow, check if the frequency divider is loose and if there is a 12V output. If only one screen is not lit, remove the signal wire and directly connect the problem screen to determine if it’s a host or frequency divider issue. If the issue persists, send it for repair.
6.Unable to enter settings. Check if the wire behind the settings key is loose. If there are no issues, perform the following operations (connect 1 to ground). If the issue is not resolved, send the board for repair.
7.In-game buttons are unresponsive. After entering the settings, perform the button test as shown in Figure 7 and make a note. (1) Remove the screws. (2) Remove the advertising acrylic. (3)Remove the suction screw. (4)Lift the suction towards yourself. (5)Remove the screws on the keyboard, remove the leather pad, and remove the problematic buttons in the corresponding positions. (6)Replace the damaged button. If you’re concerned about reassembly, please send it for repair.
8.Check if there is any loose connection in the amplifier vibration motor to prevent any vibration from the foot pedal. If the issue persists, disconnect the three connectors attached to the foot pedal to see if any wires inside the vibration motor have come loose. Next, remove the swapping head and flip the foot pedal to unscrew it. Inspect the vibration motor. If you’re unable to identify the problem, please send both the amplifier and the vibration motor (if it’s a separate component) back for testing and repair.
9.If you’re unable to establish a connection, try restarting the fire kirin game machine. Start with the black-framed main unit first, and then start the other one. This should resolve the issue.

Detailed Case:
When the Fire Kirin game console host board is connected to the power supply and the power switch is pressed, the host board starts working, and the CPU and fan spin briefly before stopping.
Fault Analysis: The fact that the CPU fan spins briefly and then stops indicates that there is a short circuit in a certain part of the host board, causing the ATX power supply to shut down for protection.
The factors that can cause a short circuit on the computer motherboard and affect the protective shutdown of the power supply output are: A group of short-circuited main supply voltages on the motherboard; a short circuit between the CPU core power supply voltage and ground; a burnt out or malfunctioning South Bridge.
During the repair process, we focus on the above factors. We start by inspecting the production process, paying close attention to the solder bridges and power devices on the motherboard for any signs of short circuits or damage. After careful observation, we can eliminate surface damage to the components. Next, we use a multimeter to test the main power supply voltages of the motherboard: +12V, +5V, +3.3V, etc. They are mostly normal, indicating that there are no short circuit faults in the main power supply. Then, check the CPU’s core power supply voltage and find that both ends of the CPU core power supply inductor measure “0” ohms, indicating a short circuit to ground. Since the CPU core power supply voltage is provided to the CPU, North Bridge, and South Bridge, we need to determine which part is causing the short circuit to ground.
In the case of the CPU, we removed the CPU core power supply inductors (usually there are 3 sets of power supplies, that is, 3 inductors) and measured again. The resistance value on the CPU socket side returned to normal, but the CPU core power supply output terminal still measured “0” ohms, indicating that the short circuit point was not on the CPU socket side, but on the North Bridge and South Bridge. Considering that the North Bridge of the 845 is prone to burn out, we first removed the North Bridge, cleaned it, and then measured again. The CPU core power supply output terminal returned to normal, and it was found that the CPU voltage supply pin of the 645 North Bridge was short-circuited, indicating that the short circuit was caused by the 845 North Bridge.
After reinstalling the new North Bridge, we performed pre-power-on tests on various components (such as power devices) and found no issues. We connected the devices and measured the voltage, which was normal. We touched the South Bridge with our hand and found that the temperature was normal, with no signs of overheating, indicating that the South Bridge was functioning properly. The repair of Fire Kirin game machine is complete.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contct us!

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