Bomber Trump

Game Description:
It is a particularly funny fish table game, which combines traditional sea creatures with American political figures. Here you can see Obama transforms into a laser cannon, Hillary appears with a whirlwind function, and Trump runs around with a bomb. The painting style is funny and the gameplay is exciting.

Pay Attention:
1.Support horizontal cabinet for 4P, 6P, 8P as well as vertical cabinet for 3P&4P, adjustable at setting.
2.Lock Function: the joystick upwards locking the whirlwind king fish and the lightning chain lock fish, and the joystick downwards locking all kinds of big fish.
3.There are three scenes in this game, and each scene has a big boss (100-500times) respectively: the crab king, ghost submarine and prehistoric crocodile.


Special Function Creatures Introduction(Bomber Trump)







special creatures in bomber trump 1

Whirlwind fish: Make all the fish die on the screen

special creatures in bomber trump 2

Lightning chain lock: Randomly give (1~15) 100 times odds and below species

special creatures in bomber trump 3

Trump: After hitting, the player will be given a 10-second drill gun, which can kill various fish randomly, and finally kill fish within a certain range

special creatures in bomber trump 4

Obama: After hitting, it can give the player a 10-second laser cannon to kill a certain number of fish

special creatures in bomber trump 5

Hillary: After being hit, it can explode 1~7 times in a row, killing fish within a certain range

special creatures in bomber trump 6

King Squid: Trigger the Meteor Shower function

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Game Kit

game kit

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holding rate

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