Some Tips For Skill Fish Arcade Games

tips for skill fish arcade games 1

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Skill fish arcade games are electronic games usually found in game halls or dedicated venues. They are also casual games suitable for players of different ages. Their simple and understandable controls, good visual effects, and a variety of colorful fish species make them popular in both domestic and international markets. So toady we are here to share some tips that may help you make a good performance while playing skill fish arcade games.

tips for skill fish arcade games

First of all, let us know the basic playing method of skill fish arcade games. The main gameplay consists of the following steps:
1.Selecting a cannon: Players can choose cannons of different power levels by inserting coins or using card swiping methods.
2.Aiming at targets: Players control the movement and aiming direction of the cannon using a joystick or buttons.
3.Firing at fish: When the player aims at a school of fish, they can press a button or pull a trigger to fire at the fish. While firing, the cannon shoots projectiles that hit the fish and cause damage.
4.Reaping rewards: After successfully hitting a school of fish, the game calculates the corresponding score and rewards based on the type and size of the fish. Players can use these rewards to purchase stronger cannons or upgrade their current ones.

Above are the simple gameplay of skill fish arcade games, now we have concluded some unique tips from some veteran players:
1.When we’re fishing, we usually notice some slow-moving fish around the cannon tower, such as lantern fish, devil fish, and turtles. These are basically free points for you. As long as you adjust the angle and continuously shoot, you can easily catch them.
2.When you adjust the cannon tower to around a 45-degree angle, you’ll often see some fish directly charging towards your tower. These fish are fast, and when encountering them, I usually use a rapid fire of level 2 and level 3 projectiles, targeting both sides of the fish and switching between left and right attacks. Especially when dealing with devil fish, remember! You should aim for the outer wings of the fish first, then switch to the left side and unleash a flurry of shots. Your hit rate will be very high.
3.The lantern fish that come out from the left side of the cannon tower and the turtles swimming closely around your tower are not worth wasting projectiles on as their hit rate is low. If a shark suddenly appears from the left side of the tower, and you usually prefer using level 3 shots, when you spot such a shark, start with a level 3 shot, then quickly switch to a higher level and fire two more shots. Make sure your cannon tower is positioned at a 45-degree angle and aim for the front and rear fins of the shark. If two shots can’t handle it, don’t waste any more projectiles.
4.When shooting at turtles that are very close to the tower, start with a regular shot first, then quickly upgrade and fire another shot. Aim for the neck, limbs, and tail of the turtle, and your hit rate will be much higher. When dealing with devil fish, their swimming pattern is like a bird, with two large fins opening and closing. Shooting at them while they are closed won’t be effective no matter how many projectiles you use. Wait for them to open up and aim for the sides below their fins. Usually, two shots will be enough to catch them. I hope these tips help you improve your fishing skills!

Otherwise, many players may wonder why catching small fish doesn’t yield a large number of coins, even if they catch a lot of them. However, during the early stages of the skill arcade games, your coin count is already limited and your bullet level is low. The probability of catching small fish is higher. So, catching small fish is the best way to accumulate coins. And remember the following 2 tips are also important:
1.Think about the big picture: Players shouldn’t always focus on their own little corner of the game. Look ahead and focus on the targets. Don’t be stingy with your coins. Although it may be difficult to catch some big fish, don’t let the opportunity slip away.
2.Easy-to-catch fish: Fish that have just surfaced or are about to swim away, leaving only their tail visible. Fish swimming diagonally upwards from the bottom left or bottom right corners.

Above are what I wanna share with you with the basic tips and the advanced tips about how to improve your skills among skill fish arcade games, hope you can have a good performance. Any other question, contact us now!

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