About Intelligent Game Software

Intelligent Game is a professional game development company. Intelligent Game has been grasping the pulse of game industry and providing domestic and international customers with a series of diversified services of planning, research and development and production for over twenty years. Intelligent Game has achieved recognitions from customers of China, Europe, USA and Southeast Asia countries and also set a benchmark in the gaming industry.

Intelligent Game has originally designed and developed many hot-selling games, such as “Fire Kirin” and “Ocean Kingdom” of ocean theme shooting game series, “Air Strike”, “Flamingo” and “Caribbean Pirates” of sky theme shooting game series, “Running Animal” and “Football Boys” of video lottery game series, “Animal Paradise” of video coin pusher and so on. In the past five years, over 600 customized versions of fishing games and 230 customized versions of video redemption games have been developed for our agents, as well as toy crane machines, music machines, lottery machines and other various game entertainment facilities.

The custom game solutions meet needs of each customer. After collecting their requirements and evaluating the market, technology and risk by the professional sales and technical teams, Intelligent Game provides a fast and high-quality custom service with its mature hardware and software development platforms. At the same time, an excellent accounting system and encryption system are also integrated in the solution to guarantee a stable, long-term and high-revenue product for customers at various kinds of complex application scenarios.

Our Development Team

character creating

Character Creating

model building

Model Building

Animation UI Design

Animation UI Design

effects synthesis

Effects Synthesis

source code developing

Source Code Developing

hardware editing

Hardware Editing

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