New Opportunities For Fishing Games

fishing games new opportunity

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In the game market, fishing games are a very distinctive type of game. Fishing games originated in arcades. After several eras of arcades, PCs, and browser games, the gameplay has been continuously extended and improved, and a group of fishing game players has also been cultivated in the process. This article will try to clarify the development trend of fishing games from multiple perspectives, as well as the multiple opportunities for entrepreneurs.

new opportunities for fishing games

The development timeline of fishing games can be divided by 2012. Before that, it has undergone several changes in the arcade, PC, and web game eras; and with the development of the game industry and changes in players’ types, after 2012, new fishing games also enters the player’s field of vision. From the changes of old and new fishing games, we can clearly see its development trend, which is reflected in the update and iteration of visual effects, changes in attributes such as competition and social interaction, and the gradual enrichment of profit models and other aspects.

Pay more and more attention to “visual feast”
Thanks to the technological progress of animation special effects, the production of fishing games is becoming more and more beautiful, and the visual effects are becoming more and more dazzling. It is beyond doubt. Different from other game types, fishing games rely more on the overall game style and aesthetics, and have higher visual aesthetic requirements for game developers.
Here we need to focus on the current high -profile 3D fishing. In terms of visual effects, 3D fishing truly restores deep sea scenes. Both fish and corals use biological mimic effects. In addition, some 3D fishing games use naked eye 3D imitation VR visual technology, allowing players to imitate it in the real underwater world. It is conceivable that with the maturity of VR and AR technology and visual experience, it will rejuvenate and vibrant for such games. Of course, in addition to adding a lot of 3D modeling in the screen performance, the new type of fishing makes the game screen more exquisite. BOSS and various events are wider and more casual than old -fashioned fishing games. All these have contributed to the comprehensive experience of “eye -catching” players.

Competitive and social attributes increase
The old fishing game “Fire Kirin” can stand out among the contemporary games, mainly due to several changes: the biggest boss Fire Kirin can increase its multiplier from 40 to more than 400 times by being attacked by bullets; the innovative three types of bombs(local bomb, super bomb, fixed screen bomb) that with large-scale lethality, destroy more fish; innovative fixed screen bomb: hit the fixed screen bomb to get 20 times the reward, and freeze all fish in the full screen; the maximum gun value can reach to 9900. These changes have increased the competitive nature of the game and provided a strong stimulating effect for players.
Generally speaking, the production cost of old fishing games is relatively low, and most of the users are on the PC side, with strong randomness. Developers pay attention to the ability to control the value during production. What players can do in the game is also relatively simple. The main attraction for users is whether they can get more points. The new type of fishing has added more competitive and social attributes, both of which have undoubtedly improved user stickiness and retention. The game has not only stayed in the game itself, but has more scalability, extending the life cycle of the game.

More and more diverse profit models
Fishing games are classified as casual games, and because of its competitive gameplay, it has a gold-absorbing ability unmatched by many other casual games. In the Android and IOS application markets, you can often see some fishing game recommendations. On many advertising platforms, we can even see fishing products competing with many RPG games, which indirectly reflects their ability to generate income.
The consumption of old fishing games is basically the consumption of gold coins. The homogenization of the game is more obvious, and the thinking of numerical design of fishing is also more consistent. Basically, different probabilities are set according to different forts and fish points, and add the setting of the reward pool for players. Therefore, the profit model of the game has little space to change, and users recharge to obtain gold coins, and gold coins are consumed through fishing. In recent years, the game’s profit model has been continuously developed and innovated. For example, it adds a cultivation system. Players can cultivate more types of fish through props in the game. Different props, forts and shopping malls have been added, and the overall system is more diverse and complete. The addition of the new system has added many changes to the payment points of the new fishing. The richness of profit channels can reduce the risk of the game system and provide more possibilities for the development of the game.

New Opportunities for Entrepreneurs
From the perspective of the overall fishing game market, due to the relatively simple gameplay of the old fishing games, although they are well received by players, they also face the dilemma of too high repetition. Many fishing game manufacturers copy other products, with the same UI, copywriting, and gameplay, but slightly different in operations. Some companies even made some adjustments with basically the same code, modified the probability of fishing, and changed the art aspect.
In such a situation of serious homogeneity, the fixed core gameplay can reduce the cost of entry, but if you don’t invest in research and development costs, just keep changing the skin, and the user experience will decline, how can you be competitive in the product?
Therefore, here, I first suggest that entrepreneurs should increase R&D costs, make their own uniqueness, and first pass the test in terms of game quality, so that they can stand the test of time and finally stand out. Secondly, the new fishing game has made many innovative developments according to market conditions. In this regard, I suggest that fishing manufacturers can create different types of fishing products according to different target users. Operation is hard work. In this way, fishing game products can not only have a better user experience, but also improve user retention and extend the product life cycle.In my opinion, only companies that attach equal importance to innovation, R&D and operations can have their own place in this fierce fishing game competition.

To sum up, the fishing game has changed from a blue ocean to a red ocean. In this evolution process, the new fishing games has obvious advantages over the old fishing games: better and better visual effects, more and more competitive and social attributes, and more and more diverse profit models. All of these have provided entrepreneurs with new opportunities and new challenges. In entrepreneurial practice, I also suggest that entrepreneurs pay equal attention to innovative R&D and game operations in order to improve user retention and thus remain invincible.

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