Classic 6 Players Fish Table Game Machine

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Choose The Machine There’re Variety Option Of Cabinet, Someone For Luxury, Cost-effective, Space Saving Or Easy Transportation.In Our Factory,There Are A Lot Of Advanced And Professional Equipment Are Working To Make Sure Every Details Of The Cabinets Is Excellent,And Improve The Efficiency And Shorten The Lead Time. A. 32/42/55/65/85 inch 4K display screen B. 2/4/6/8/10 seat multiplayer setup C. Coin In/Coin Out , Coin In/Ticket Redemption Out, Bill Acceptor / Thermal Printer, Cashless Card system D. Anti Cheating Program E. Guaranteed Working Quality Guaranteed F. Plug And Play For Easy Install G. 12 Months Warranty / Lifetime Maintenance.
Our Machine’s Quality standards : 1. Original Brand New HD Liquid Crystal Display,Full 3D graphic 2. Imported 0.5 Cm Acrylic,Use The Moistureproof And Fireproof Strong Bottom, Do Not Worry The Long Time Sea Shipping. 3. All Copper Wires, Each Set Of Lines With Clear. Instructions On The Consoles 4. Led Cabinet Lights Bar Instead Of Diode Light Bar. Prevent Short Circuit 5. Convenient For Switching Between Ocean Kings Wire Harness And Chinese Wire Harness
Classic 6 Players Fish Table Game Machine (3)
Classic 6 Players Fish Table Game Machine (2)
Classic 6 Players Fish Table Game Machine (1)

Cabinet Building

Game Machine Internal structure (1)
Game Machine Internal structure (2)

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You already know that fish table games can help boost the profits of your arcade, bowling alley, or other entertainment establishment. However, when you combine our industry-leading arcade games with the Classic 6 Players Fish Table Game Machine, you can expect profits and gamer satisfaction to increase exponentially. This incredible cabinet comes with all of the state-of-the-art features you would expect from a high-end cabinet, and you can rest easy knowing that your game cabinet was purchased through the most experienced fish game company in the industry. Contact our team today to request more information!
Not all game cabinets are the same, and when your profitability is on the line, you want the best of the best. So, what makes this luxury game cabinet so extraordinary? Let’s take a look! Multi Game Player This Classic 6 Players Fish Table Game Machine accommodates 6 players, allowing multiple individuals to play at the same time. This increases the competitive spirit amongst players, making for spectacular and exciting gameplay. The intense gameplay achieved with this classic game cabinet is sure to draw a crowd — don’t be surprised if you find players waiting in line for their turn to join in the fun! Large HD LCD Monitor Incredibly bright, crystal-clear graphics are just a part of what sets our fish shooter games apart from the competition. Our classic game cabinet capitalizes on this feature, as it accommodates an extra large, 42-inch HD LCD monitor that takes your game experience to the next level.
This game cabinet has a reinforced steel frame that can stand up to years of intense gameplay, allowing you to get the most out of your investment. All wiring is kept neat and tidy inside, so you never have to worry about wires getting in your way when you open the control panel. Stunning Exterior Design No other cabinet complements your game room better than our classic game cabinet. Contact Intelligent Game Software today!

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Yes I m gonna be rich! 40k a week!every week! I think they like it. They’re use to the games. I can’t go wrong with those. They will play them all night. The games are popular here!
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