Why Gamers Love To Play Fire Kirin 2?

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Once the fire kirin 2 was so popular throughout the United States, you can find it in almost every arcade game room. Now its various upgraded fish table games have come out, the popularity remains undiminished. I think many people will be very curious about what are the highlights of this game that still make it popular with the public?
Highlight1: Rich Marine Species Can Be Used As Popular Science
While people play Firen Kirin 2, they can find nearly 40 kinds of sea creatures, from the common type(such as clown fish, puffer fish, turtle and jelly fish) to the rare type(such as batfish, butterfly fish and lantern fish). The models of these marine organisms are all based on real science. If you don’t understand at all, you can take the opportunity to popularize science.
Highlight2: The Color Matching Is Excellent And The Painting Style Is Very Coordinated
The deep blue sea, green algaes, colorful sea creatures, luminous cannons, golden coins, and special effect colors, these are enough to form a beautiful picture, still not attractive?
Highlight3: Various High-ratio Species Can Double Your Score Many Times
In this game, many species can bring doubling effect, time from x2 to x500, below I will introduce three characters with high burst rate:




Twin-Head Dragon


Twin-Head Dragon




Fire Kirin


Fire Kirin

If you catch the chance to defeat this high-burst rate characters, I can’t imagine how high the score you would get.

Highlight 4: Three Big Bosses That Can Make You Full Of Desire To Conquer

DunkleosteusWalrusGolden Toad

             Dunkleosteus                     Walrus                             Golden Toad

There is usually one big boss in a game, and as long as you defeat it, you can win. But in this game, there are three big bosses: Dunkleosteus, Walrus and Golden Toad. This doesn’t mean it’s hard to win, instead, it can actually increase your coins gained rate, because you just need to defeat one of them, you can win.

Highlight5: Some Species With Special Functions Make The Game More Exciting



whirlwind fish Whirlwind FishWhen there is a whirlwind around the fish, the whole screen of the same species will die
Bomb Shrimp Bomb Shrimp10 times, it can absorb small fish and bring random explosion 2-5 times.
Crazy Shark Crazy Shark10 times, it can randomly explode several times
Golden Shark Golden Shark100 times, randomly give player 50-200 times bonus

Highlight6: 2-4 Players Can Play Together
This Fire Kirin 2 fish table game can support 2-4 players to shoot together, because we have a set of suitable fish game tables which can link to this game, not like other arcade fish table games that are only suitable for one player, you may have the choice to duel with your friends.
It has all the elements you need for a good arcade game, so I think it’s undoubly to be so popular.

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