Panda Master

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There are 7 different kinds of skill fish games in this panda master game kit, including: Panda VS Alien Plus, Crab King 3, Fire Kirin 3, Air Strike 3, Ocean Monsters 3, Mermaid Warriors and Crab King Plus. All these skill fish games have very high-definition pictures quality, interesting shapes of various creatures, exciting gameplay that tests reaction and sensitivity, colorful and realistic special effects, challenging and exciting music, aiming to create a real and interesting underwater world for you. Come and inquiry now!

Pay Attention:
1.Combo function: After three seconds of continuous and rapid firing, press and hold the firing button, and the fort will fire automatically. Press the firing button again to cancel the automatic firing.
2.Locking function: Pull joystick downwards to lock the fishes higher than 10 times odds.
3.Incredible firepower: Quick press the launch button, can accelerate the speed of the bullet, the bullet infinite rebound.


Introduction Of Panda Master

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Game Introduction

panda vs aliens plus

Panda VS Alien Plus: This is an imaginative skill fish game that combines giant panda, aliens, green dragon, mermaid and other basic sea creatures. The background of the story has also been transferred from the ocean to the space and earth, giving people a more mysterious feeling. When the starship-like laser cannon shoots continuously, the screen is full of white meteor shower-like special effects, and gold coins will flow out continuously like a fountain when you hit the target. The gold jar held by the panda appears on the screen, and when you hit a big target, you will be rewarded with a pot of gold coins. Hearing this, did you move?

crab king 3

Crab King 3: This is the latest skill fish game in the crab king series. The story takes places in a place where there is volcanic magma deep in the seabed, and you can even see the bones of some animals, giving people an eerie feeling. The protagonists of the game are still a panda who is giant and cute, various crabs with different shapes, sharks with bombs on their backs and so on. The gameplay of this game is similar to Crab King 2, but more exciting elements are added, such as a pot full of gold coins, special effects of aperture, realistic vibration sensation and so on.

fire kirin 3

Fire Kirin 3: The fire kirin game is one of the best-selling games on our website, especially the fire kirin 2, which is consistently one of the top three best-sellers in our store. This is the latest fish table game among fire kirin series. It retains some fun and interesting elements in the previous two versions of the game, and adds some special effects, such as chain explosions. When hitting silver treasure crabs, chain explosions will happen and you will see your points continue to rise, or even double.  When creatures of the same kind swim in a line, your hit rate increases greatly. What are you still hesitating, come and try it.

air strike 3

Air Strike 3: This is a classic shooting game with the sky and ocean as the background, various fighters and panda master as the protagonists. When fighter jets of different sizes and shapes appear, they form a line or a shape, and then spread out quickly, which can challenge your shooting accuracy. The cannon of this game is also in the shape of a fighter jet. You can choose double-gun barrels, three-gun barrels or even four-gun barrels to increase your chances of winning.

ocean monster 3

Ocean Monster 3: This is a simple and classic fishing game. The story takes place on the dark seabed, where you can see dark red magma and inconspicuous animal bones. The species of this game are all sea creatures, but they comes with bright color, which just happens to form a sharp contrast with the background. When the laser cannon hits various species, it will randomly trigger the lightning chain function. When you hit the panda who is with the ponytail and holding the money pot, all the gold coins belong to yours.

mermaid warriors 3

Mermaid Warrior 3: This is a skill fish game with the mermaid as the main character. The story takes place at the boundary between the rock and the black hole under the sea, and you will see all sea creatures wearing armed equipment: the golden shark with a metal shell like airplane, the electromagnetic turtle protected by a silhouette shell on its back, crabs that look stiff in pineapple suits, and cold-looking mermaid in armor, etc. When the cannon shoots out fishing nets, even the most hard-shelled species will be caught, as long as you aim and hit them accurately, the highest score will be yours.

crab king plus

Crab King Plus: This is the newest game in the Crab King series. The main character is still all kinds of unique-style crabs and a giant panda with a big belly. The overall background is relatively dark, creating a sense of mystery and excitement for players. Drill crabs, laser crabs, and bomb crabs still exist, and all sorts of Marine creatures swim by in a line. When hitting the giant panda, the entire screen will shake, and then a chain explosion effect will be produced. At this time, you may get not only one pot of gold coins, but also 2-3 pots or more, and the gold coins you get will eventually be included in your total score.

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