Monkey King Strike

Game Description:
This is an innovative fish table game that combines the classic ocean fishing game with the main characters in the famous Chinese novel “Journey to the West”. The background of the game is the sparkling and clear seabed, where you can see all kinds of fish swimming slowly. When the laser cannon shoots out white fishing nets, if the target fish is caught, it will turn into a golden net. When you see a whole line of fish swimming by, hurry up and shoot, because this is a perfect opportunity to kill three birds with one stone. And when Sun Wukong and his teammate Monk Sha appear, this means that your chance to win the big prize is coming, hurry up.

Pay Attention:
1.Support horizontal cabinet for 4P, 6P, 8P, 10P & 12P as well as vertical cabinet for 3P & 4P.
2.Support Multi-play & Multi-language.
3.Target: Pulling joystick downside, you can target fishes more than 10 times.
4.Combo function: After three seconds of continuous and rapid firing, press and hold the firing button, and the turret will fire automatically. Press the firing button again to cancel the automatic firing.
5.Incredible firepower: When the player quickly press the launch button, will accelerate the speed of the bullet.


Special Function Creatures Introduction (Monkey King Strike)

Full-screen bomb: Comes with 10 times, there will appear a tornado while being hit, and it can suck all the fish in and change them into points to give back to players.

Super Bomb: After hitting, it will explode and kill a super large range of fish.

“Happy big three”/”Happy big four”: You can see many creatures coming out with a line,  that is the “Happy big three”or “happy big four”, which means “Kill three birds with one stone”, it is a good way to earn more points.

X2 Fish: After hitting, all the same kind of fish die on the screen with X2 time odds.

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