Game Description:
The Flamingo game is a bird-themed shooting game with multiplier-type fish machine gameplay. The layout of the game interface is a vertical screen or a horizontal screen, and each screen supports two players playing at the same time. During the game, players can control their aircraft to kill all kinds of birds on the screen at will, and may trigger various special awards, such as: full-screen bombs can instantly destroy full-screen birds; UFO bombs can kill full-screen birds through magnetic force lines by making them motionless.

Pay Attention:
1.Support vertical cabinet of 2 players, 4 players or 6 players.
2.Support maximum 1000 credits for a shot. 1-49 credits for a shot is double-barreled launcher, 50-99 is four-barreled launcher and 100-1000 is five-barreled launcher.
3.Support the locking and full firepower function.
4.Two or three fish table machines as one set, 1 game kit that contains 2 machines can support 4 players playing together, and 1 game kit that contains 3 machines can support 6 players playing togehter.

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Special Function Creatures Introduction (Flamingo)







special creatures of flamingo 1

The Similar Bomb X2: All the same kind of birds on the screen are all destroyed with X2 times odds

special creatures of flamingo 2

The Similar Bomb X3: All the same kind of birds on the screen are all destroyed with X3 times odds

special creatures of flamingo 3

The Similar Bomb: All birds of the same kind are killed by missiles on the full screen

special creatures of flamingo 4

Locking Screen Hawk: After hitting, all birds on the current screen are still for 10 seconds

special creatures of flamingo 5

Chain Hawk: After hitting, the lightning chain function will be given randomly, and 2-12 birds with 2-25 times odds will be given as gifts

special creatures of flamingo 6

Full Screen Hawk: After hitting, full screen birds are killed by explosion

special creatures of flamingo 7

Bald Eagle: 100-150 times odds, give rocket randomly, which can kill all hawks on the full screen specially

special creatures of flamingo 8

Laser Bat: Give the player a laser cannon, which can kill birds within a certain range, and the cannon will be fired automatically within 20 seconds

special creatures of flamingo 9

Bird Trap: The catching birds times odds will be randomly converted into its own times odds, from 50 times to 1000 times

special creatures of flamingo 10

Bird Nest: Golden and blue birds will fly out from the exploded bird nest. Blue bird will destroy giant bat while golden bird will destroy small bat and albatross

special creatures of flamingo 11

Happy Time: The game gives medals to players randomly, and the medals comes out with a certain amount of scores . After collecting 5 medals, it can randomly trigger the “happy pat music”, the sustainable time is 30 seconds, and it will also get the 5 medals into the numerical score and then return to the players

special creatures of flamingo 12

Flamingo: 300-500 times odds

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