Crystal Mermaid

Game Description:
Crystal Mermaid is a typical kind of skill fish game that featured with various different fishes and crabs, and its main character is a diamond mermaid with beautiful looks. The highlight of this game is that many creatures are wearing diamonds, such as the diamond golden turtle, diamond mermaid and diamond flower, which are so shining and make people feel dazzled and be sucked in.

Pay Attention:
1.Maximum support 1000 guns.
2.Support horizontal cabinet for 4P, 6P, 8P and 10P as well as vertical cabinet for 3P, 4P and 8P. Adjustable at setting.
3.Combo function: press and hold the gun button for three seconds after continuous rapid firing. The gun will fire itself, and press the gun button again to cancel the automatic firing.

Game Features:
Aside from the competitive gameplay, quick-fire weapons, and unique characters, there is plenty more to love about this game. This game can be customized to meet the needs of your gaming room, providing a unique revenue-boosting solution for your business. Some favorite features include: (1) A variety of bright, eye-catching graphics (2) Realistic fish characters (3) Multi-player configuration and many other customizations detailed interactive display (4) Attractive great game pictures to players (5) Multi-play support & multi-language support


Special Function Creatures Introduction (Crystal Mermaid)







the simular bomb 1 of crystal mermaid

The Same Kind Bomb 1: Eliminate all fish of the same species on the screen

the simular bomb 2 in crystal mermaid

The Same Kind Bomb 2: Eliminate all fish of the same two species on the screen

the simular bomb 3 in crystal mermaid

The Same Kind Bomb 3: Eliminate all fish of the same three species on the screen

drill crab in crystal mermaid

Drill Crab: A random drill missile will appear as a gift, specializing in killing local bombs and full-screen bombs

local crab in crystal mermaid

Local crabs: Randomly explode 2~5 times, kill nearby fish with a magnification of 40 times or less, and return the score to the player

bomb crab in crystal mermaid

Bomb Crab: Explodes a tornado, sucks all the fish in, and then returns a certain point to the player

laser crab in crystal mermaid

Laser Crab: Send a large range of laser cannons, all the hitting fish will be returned into points and given to the players

golden shark in crystal mermaid

Golden Shark: Randomly give players 50~200 times bonus

diamond flower in crystal mermaid

Diamond Flower: After hitting it, 2~8 diamonds will be derived (Platinum diamonds will kill 10-40 times fish) (a red diamond will appear randomly to kill the diamond mermaid and the golden dragon)

the golden dragon in crystal mermaid

Golden Dragon: 150-200 times odds

the diamond mermaid in crystal mermaid

Diamond Mermaid: 200-300 times odds

the golden dragon king in crystal mermaid

Golden Dragon King: 300-500 times odds

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