5in1 Fish Game Board

Game Description:
There are 5 different games inside this 1 game kit, including Crab Treasure, Ocean Awaken, Viking Ship, Batfish Aircraft and Flaming Woodpecker.

Pay Attention:
Our fish game software are sold together with accessories, which is called a fish table game kit. For this product, you only need to buy one game kit, which already contains five different types of game software inside, and you can install and debug according to our instructions.


crab treasureocean awakenviking shipbatfish aircraftflamig woodpecker

Crab Treasure: It is a typical ocean-theme fish table game whose character is a crab treasure, and inside this game you can also see the special creatures like ice dragon, fire kirin and various different function crabs. The pace of the game is relatively slow as common leisure games, very suitable for accurate shooting.

Ocean Awaken: This game is designed basing on large creatures, including large crocodile, large dolphin, and large fire dragon. The main character is a big octopus, which is somewhat similar to the Ocean Legend fish table game, but the gameplay and special effects are different.

Viking Ship: This is a traditional fish table game which shoots nets by using cannons to catch fish. There are also three or four fishes that appear together on the screen which called the combined fish, and you can see the shaking viking ship and the rotating lucky star. While you catch them all, your points can double by many times. The biggest highlight of this game is a variety of halo effects, which make people feel that the scene is very gorgeous.

Batfish Aircraft: This is a fighter-themed shooting game which on the background of looking down to the sea from the sky. There are various kinds of small or big aircrafts inside, they will be lined up in a row, you need to shoot continuously to destroy them.

Flaming Woodpecker: This is a shooting game with the sky overlooking the ocean as the background, taking flying birds and flying insects as the theme. The main character is an oversized woodpecker, and the game design and gameplay are somewhat similar to fish table game Flamingo.

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