How We Design Fire Kirin Game?

how we design fire kirin game 1

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Fire kirin game is an arcade-style fish hunting game that is popular in many casinos and gaming centers. The game features a variety of colorful fish that players must shoot to earn points. Players use a joystick to aim and fire their weapons, and each fish has a point value that is displayed on the screen. The game is fast-paced and exciting, with lots of action and special features to keep players engaged. On our website, you can see different versions fire kirin games such as Fire Kirin Ⅱ, Fire Kirin Plus and Fire Kirin Revenge. And among them, Fire Kirin Ⅱ is the best-selling game software. Today we will talk about some ideas for conceiving fire kirin game.

how we design fire kirin game

Due to the rapid economic development, the pressure of human life is increasing, and the demand for entertainment is also increasing. So we decide to begin our game software development business, hoping to create a variety of fun and interesting skill fish games, which can give players a happy and satisfying experience. Before creating, we did a lot of research, collected a lot of information, and then sorted them out, resulting in some ideas about games of fire kirin. Now I have summed up them into 5 aspects:
1.Take fire kirin as characters
In fact, fire kirin is also called fire unicorn, which is a mythical creature, often depicted as a horse with a single spiraled horn on its forehead and the ability to breathe fire.Their fiery manes and tails make them stand out and they are often depicted as being able to control flames and use them as a weapon. Plus, they are just plain cool. It is said to be a symbol of strength, courage, and purity, and is often associated with magic and fantasy. So choosing the fire kirin as a character could be a fun and exciting option, we believe that players must love it very much.

2.Design realistic and fun styles for each species
Realistic styles strive to create an immersive experience that feels as close to reality as possible. Realistic styles in games are those that aim to emulate real-world environments, characters, and interactions. For example, a realistic style in a game could involve graphics that accurately depict the physical characteristics of objects and characters, as well as game mechanics that simulate real-life physics and mechanics. Fun styles, on the other hand, focus on creating an enjoyable experience that is both challenging and rewarding. Fun styles in games are those that prioritize enjoyment and entertainment over realism. These could include cartoonish graphics, exaggerated physics and game mechanics, and characters that are intentionally silly or over-the-top. Though they are two different approaches to game design, we still determine to combine them while designing fire kirin game, aiming to give players a different feeling. Taking the creatures of Fire Kirin Ⅱ as example, you can see that all the fish inside are in line with the actual appearance, but it is also endowed with a cartoon-like and cute image. Such as puffer fish, batfish and angelfish. There are also some realistic lobsters, crabs and sharks, etc., but there are various props on their backs, such as the laser shrimp, golden crab and crazy shark, which are both real and funny, in line with the current trend of human aesthetics.







Puffer Fish In Fire Kirin 2

pufferfish of fire kirin 2

Bat Fish In Fire Kirin 2

batfish of fire kirin 2

Angelfish In Fire Kirin 2

angelfish of fire kirin 2

Laser Shrimp In Fire Kirin 2

laser shrimp of fire kirin 2

Golden Crab In Fire Kirin 2

golden crab of fire kirin 2

Crazy Shark In Fire Kirin 2

crazy shark of fire kirin 2

3.Gameplay and storylines setting
Designing gameplay and storylines can be a complex process, but we while designing fire kirin game, we consider the below five aspects as priority:(1)Know our audience and what they want: Understanding target audience is key to creating a successful game. so we consider their interests, preferences, and motivations. (2)Develop a compelling story: Storytelling is a crucial element in game design. Developing a compelling storyline will help keep players engaged and invested in our game fire kirin. (3)Incorporate interactive gameplay elements: Interactive gameplay elements, such as puzzles, choices, and challenges, can make our fire kirin game more engaging and immersive. (4)Create a unique setting: A unique setting can help set our fire kirin game apart from others and make it more memorable. After thinking a lot of aspects above, we think our fire kirin game will be unique and impressive.
4.Special effects and sound considerations
Designing special effects and sound for fire kirin game is important because it enhances the overall user experience and creates a more immersive gaming environment: (1)Adds realism: Special effects and sound design can add realism to fire kirin game environment, making the user feel like they are part of the fire kirin game world.(2)Enhances gameplay: Special effects and sound design can also enhance gameplay by providing audio and visual feedback to the player. For example, a special effect that indicates a critical hit or the sound of a weapon reloading can help the player understand the status of the fire kirin game. (3)Creates atmosphere: Special effects and sound design can create a specific atmosphere or mood for the fire kirin game. (4)Improves immersion: By creating a more immersive game environment, special effects and sound design can improve the overall gaming experience. This can lead to more enjoyment and engagement from the user.

5.Enhance social functions
There are a few ways to enhance social function for games: (1)Develop multiplayer modes so that players can interact with each other in real-time. (2)Consider adding rewards or bonuses for players who interact with each other or collaborate in the fire kirin game. This could encourage players to work together and build relationships with other players. What’s more, in the future, we will Host events or tournaments for our fire kirin game to increase socialization among players. We hope to give all fire kirin game lovers a platform to share their experiences, compete, and even make new friends.

These are the five aspects we consider in making fire kirin game. I hope everyone will like this series of games. If you have any questions, you can contact us directly.



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