How To Select Suitable Fish Table Games?

how to choose fish table games

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Nowadays, the technology is updated rapidly, what people liked yesterday would not last for tomorrow, the fish table games are no exception. As the owner of arcade room which is mainly engaged in fish table games, You had to face the difficulity of picking suitable softwares for your fish table game business. It is not an easy task, so taday I wanna share some experiences from our customers who had purchased fish table games from our website for you.

how to choose fish table games
how to choose fish table games

Step1:Make A Summary Of What You Had Now
People always think about what they had lost, seldom peolple remember what they already had. So in the first step you should make a conclusion for your exisiting fish game tables, including the sizes and amounts of them, how is the physical damaged extent(need to change or not), how many coins they had brought separately(profit or nonprofit), what about the image quality and how about the running speed of softwares? When you sort out these questions, you may probably already know which products can continue to be used, which ones need to be re-purchased, and which ones only need to upgrade the software.

Step2:Visit Other Arcade Rooms For Reference
Since fish table games are so popular, I am definitely sure that you can find them in each arcade game room. Just selcet some crowded but not that far away ones to see what kinds of fish table games they have displayed. Remember to make a research list which may help you understand clearly. If you find some interesting fish table games that you haven’t ever seen, take photos and videos if necessary, if prohibited, please mark down their obvious characteristic.

fish table game development
fish table game development

Step3:Select Suitable Fish Table Games Developer
A hot-sale fish table game must has its own highlights like high-quality game screen, exciting playing method and smooth running software. All these necessary elements are produced by the game developed team, so the most important part of selecting suitable fish table games supplier is to put your focus on R&D department. The supplier with longer years R&D experiences will be more worthy to trust, not only because they have original R&D capabilities, but also because they can customize fish table softwares according to your needs. Here comes our highlight time,, the earliest source developer of fish table games with over 25 years experience, the fire kirin we developed was so hot in America in the past few years. If you are finding new partners, try to contact us.

Step4:Choose Reliable Payment And Logistics
Once you have made communication with saleman about what kind of fish table games you need, you should make sure the production cycle, payment ways and shipping time, remember to choose an internationally accepted method, so as to be able to settle claims when problems arised.

That’s what I have learned from our customers, it may not be very comprehensive, welcome to share your experience in fish table games selections.

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