How to Build a Game Console Cabinet

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When we think of table games, we may think of table tennis and other games, but there are numerous arcade game cabinet where different arcade games are played that are made up of both hardware and software. You may not be aware, however, that the gaming business i.e., board game cabinet has advanced significantly as a result of technological advancements and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. As a consequence, this essay is comparable to the fundamentals of game console cabinet and how the video game cabinet is built from scratch to a perfect one. Learn the process of building the table games console cabinet step by step and implement in real life.

What is arcade game console cabinet?

An arcade cabinet, often nicknamed a video game console cabinet, is a cabinet that holds the electrical circuitry of an arcade game. Different video cabinet games may be played with these game cabinet kit, and they will be more realistic. This brings individuals closer together since participants must engage with each other while seated at a table, which allows for more time for bonding. Any game may be played on this system, which contributes to the pleasure and realism of the game.

Now, let’s talk about how to build an arcade game board cabinet on your own and get started with the guide. We will discuss and go over everything step by step during these sessions so that every reader understands what is going on and how it is going on. We’ll also talk about what we need to build and how to put everything together. After the project is completed, one may build your own game cabinet and play various arcade video games in their own game console cabinet and save a significant amount of money.

How to build a game cabinet?

When it comes to development, there are several options and several factors to consider. Building a video game arcade cabinet is also difficult because it necessitates a large number of items and efficiency. But if we go with proper planning and steady than we can obviously get a better result than expected. Not only that, but the person who creates such game cabinet kit must be an expert at it, because even minor errors and misplacements can cause major issues when playing or implementing the video game system cabinet in real life. As a result, we will evaluate several criteria and begin working on them one by one. Every step will be mentioned and briefly explained so that readers and developers can easily grasp the logic and avoid any issues.

There will be two parts for this development one is Hardware development and next is Software development. Each development has their own requirements and own processes. For that proper board game cabinet plans are required. First let’s have discussion on Hardware requirements and then we will proceed further for the software development.

Hardware Development

When it comes to cabinets, there are many different types to choose from, and it is up to the person to decide which style of cabinet they want to build. In this walk through, we’ll go through a 10-player fish table gaming machine that has features like as simple mobility, group play, high-quality audio and video, and more. This invention will be cost-effective, save space, and provide a range of cabinet possibilities.

Now let’s go through the Cabinet building process with all the requirements that might be important during the process and you can build your own game cabinet at end.

Cabinet Building Requirements

We need a video game cabinet kit  for the development so that we can install all of the essential things. This can even be thought of as a frame. If you want a 6 player machine, it comes with a 6 player type frame, and if you want a 10 player machine, it comes with a 10 player type frame, and so on. In this guide, we’ll use a 10 player frame. As a result, ten joysticks will be employed, as will all buttons and other controls.

Game Board                            

Because multiple games will be played and each game must be supported, a game board must be placed in order to operate the game in the cabinet. We also require a gaming board in order to play any supported game at a high level of quality.


We also require an LCD to be kept on top of the cabinet so that all users can readily reach the table and play the games from the screen. LCD is required since all functions are performed on the screen, and LCD aids in this process.


Cables are necessary in large quantities in this lesson since numerous objects must be connected to one other. There are several pieces with various tasks, and they all need to be connected, thus cables are the most common.

Bill Acceptor                      

Bill Acceptor is also another vital component that must be correctly installed since while playing the game with various members, a token system or a money-based system is used. The bill acceptor is linked to the software system, allowing the players to focus on who is in the winning position.


Printers are also essential during this period of development since they allow us to readily print different game results, making it easier for consumers or players to comprehend the game. The printer aids in the printing of the game’s data and improves the game’s fluidity.


Another key component of this cabinet is the joystick, which makes game controls easier and allows players to engage with the games more readily. We’ll be utilizing ten joysticks in this lesson because the cabinet has ten players.


Buttons play a significant role in this cabinet since they control several tasks such as power, game on/off, and so on. By specifying or assigning an icon to each button, we may place it on various parts of the board.

Power Supply

Buttons are important in this cabinet since they handle a variety of functions including power, game on/off, and so on. We may position each button on various places of the board by defining or assigning an icon to it.


Speakers are an important component of the cabinet since they let us to hear the game sound, which makes the entertainment more enjoyable. As a result, we’ll just need a few speakers in the cabinet.


Fans should also be put in the cabinet since the cabinet may become hot when playing the game, necessitating the usage of fans to cool the system. Fans are fitted in various parts to keep the various parts cool.

Small Card                      

Chips are also needed since multiple sensors must be coupled to detect different senses. Not only that, but visual cards have been installed, allowing us to play high-quality games and link game and cabinet with different cards. This card is responsible for IO operations.

Game Machine Internal structure (1)


Have a concept for your game console board and start drawing wireframes for it so that you can obtain a better sense of what you’re developing throughout development. Prepare a solid strategy for storing LED or LCD displays, joysticks pads, a coin box, a lighting system, and other items. This will assist you in gathering all of the necessary items for the development process and to build your own game cabinet.

Laser Cutting

After collecting all these necessary things, you need to start doing your first work and that is creating a base so that you can make your steel game cabinet more stable and mobile. Let’s also bring board game cabinet furniture for easy assembling as it comes with all essentiality. We should start cutting the metal items and wood items according to the cabinet designs. Every part need to be separated to a designed form and further process should be followed up.


After the design and laser cutting we should start bending the foldable parts so that we can easily join the parts. There are some shapes like U shaped, L shaped so we should start making those shapes using benidng machines. The cabinet is kind of rectangular shaped so we should bend many things. This helps for making a complete full size video game cabinet.


After everything has been bent and separated, the foundation and frame must be constructed. It would be easy to follow up if we worked according to the designs. Starting with the foundation and working our way up to the frame, we should start welding. We obtain a blueprint or a form of frame after welding, which we can use to start building an actual table. Since a result, we must exercise caution during welding, as it is a critical component.


After the frame is created and welding is done, we should start grinding all welding parts so that they look smooth and we can feel the smoothness while playing the game with the created cabinet. It is must part as front looks of cabinet depends upon it.


After grinding is done we should start spraying the frames and its parts slowly according to the color we want. We must spray it because it prevents our wood and metals from being damaged. Spraying gives a demense looks to our board game cabinet furniture. Now, we are ready to place all the joysticks, buttons, LCD etc  to the frame and will reach to our final looks.

Building and Assembling

We reached to a final part where we are about to install all the necessary items that are required to convert a frame to a perfect game console cabinet. As there are different technologies that need to be fitted over the steel cabinets game and this is most important part and need to be handle with care. Once you’ve finished building the stands and covered them in metals or ply wood, move the wiring to the bottom so it’s easy to fix them later. Create spaces for the LED or LCD in the top section. Also, drill over the metals with all of the lighting systems. Place the bill machine on the side of the board where the player can readily access it, and the sound speakers on the bottom. Place Forstner near the bottom of the stand so that it may be moved as needed. Give the video card insert box a power supply and place it underneath the display. To avoid power circuits, use electricity from an earthing cable. Emulated arcade cabinets require a method of communicating joystick and button pushes to the computer program that runs the emulation. A serial to USB keyboard adapters with certain unique connections for mounting the buttons is usually used for this. The buttons then simulate keystrokes on a keyboard.

Software Requirement

We can find different games related to this field but we can easily access all fish table games in . You can visit this site and can easily download such games and can play using CPU drive or directly using HDMI. Every game you play from this site are totally legit and fun too. Board game cabinet standing table is ready to play after you complete all these steps.

➔ Customize Background Themes

➔ Select player numbers

➔ Customize Game Play

➔ Customize Fire Weapon

For developing your own game, you can even hire a developer team and make them work on the project you want.

➔ Character Creating

➔ Model Building

➔ Animation Designing

➔ UI/UX Designing

➔ Effect Synthesis

➔ Code Development

➔ Hardware Editing

After this you can play best arcade cabinet games by building your own board game cabinet. You can play variety of games in this arcade cabinet and some best games are mentioned below so that you can take it as a reference.

  1. Fire Kirin II
  2. Crab King
  • Crab King II
  1. Crystal Mermaid
  2. Fire Kirin  Plus

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