why choose

Why Choose is a fish table games developer who is aming at providing creativity, research, planning, development and production. With over 25 years R&D experience, intelligent-game

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Fish Table Game Room

Fire Kirin Game Room

Fire Kirin is a popular fish table game that has taken American arcades and entertainment venues by storm. Developed by Intelligent Game Software, Fire Kirin

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Fire Kirin Plus

How To Win Fire Kirin

In the world of online games, fish table games are becoming increasingly popular, and one of the most popular fish table games is Fire Kirin.

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High Exquisiteness 10 Players Fish Table Game Machine (3)

How Does Fire Kirin Work?

Introduction of fire kirin:Fire kirin is a skill fish game developed by Intelligent Game Software. This game includes the same playing principle as other skill

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dragon vs tiger vs leopard

Fish Table Game For Sale

Fish table games are the most popular fish games developed by China’s leading game software development company named Intelligent Game Software Co., Ltd. Commonly, games

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