Four Highlights Of Panda Master Game

the image of panda master

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Mentioned about Panda Master game, the first impression is a game that is featured panda as the main character, but in, it is a kind of fish table game kit which contains 7 kinds of fish table games with different themes and backgrounds, the only common thing is the boss, a panda with funny style. It is a econimic choice for those who wanna build up their business quickly as well as a multiple choice for players with different demands and interests. So today I want to talk about some highlights of panda master game, and then you can see why both purchasers and players love it some much.

crab king 3 in panda master game

Highlight1: The attraction of panda image
In these 7 games, you can see a fat giant panda wearing black pigtails, arrogantly holding a big pot of gold and walking slowly to appear on the screen, which would make players have strong ambitions to beat it and take its coins back to their own pocket. Due to the scarcity of the panda, people have a sense of pity for it, and its simple and cute image makes it become a national treasure of China. The giant panda not only appears in a variety of trademarks, advertising and movies, but also in the Olympic Games and other official occasions, which is enough to show that humans all over the world have a high awareness of it, so the game developer uses giant panda as the main character, this is called the protagonist halo and the law of attraction.

Highlight2: Different gameplay and scene
The 7 games in the panda master game kit have different themes and backgrounds. Among them, six games take the ocean as the main background, but the background is not uniform, there are swamp+ocean, stone+abyss, black hole+volcano and other different backgrounds, make you have the visual difference. In addition, their themes are also different, such as the mermaid theme-Mermaid Warrior 3, the crab theme-Crab King 3 and Crab King Plus, fire kirin theme-Fire Kirin 3, and monster theme- Ocean Monster 3 and Panda Vs Aliens.

Highlight3: Reasonable game odds setting
If you have read the above content carefully, you’ll find that many of the familiar words such as crab king and fire kirin, some of these 7 games are actually the updated versions of our hot-sale games, but we have made more reasonable adjustments based on the previous version, such as updating the original multiplier of each species, upgrading the function of props, adding more interesting gameplay, etc. Because as a game developer, we have the same intention as the game software purchaser, that is take highly attention to players gaming experience, the reasonable game setting will make us be more trustworthy for player.

Highlight4: One Software offer 7 games
Regarding this point, I believe that most game software developers on the market cannot do it, because it is too loss-making. But it’s definitely an economical option for buyers which means buy one get six free. For players, it is also a time-saving and money-saving experience to play new and different types of games without having to change the machine again.

Now that I believe you understand the 4 highlights of our panda master game, why still hesitating? Come and inquiry now.

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