Some Knowledges About Skill Fish Games

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Do you know what are the skill fish games? And have you ever played them? It may be hard for those people who didn’t hear about this strange word “skill fish games” to answer these questions, so today I have sorted out some knowledges about this word and share them here with you, hoping to […]

Different Versions Of Fire Kirin Games

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I think most arcade game lovers would feel familiar with fire kirin game, which is a kind of shooting game basing on the theme of ocean. Many fantastic creatures with different functions inside would give you a visual shock, and why it is called fire kirin game can be traced back to its big boss-the […]

What Is Panda Master Fish Table Game?

panda master fish table games

Panda Master is one of the best-selling game kits on our website, and the most cost-effective fish table game software among all our products. It contains seven different styles of game software, but the same thing is that each game’s protagonist is a giant panda. Today we are here to introduce these seven games in […]

Our 3 Hot-sale Fish Table Games

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As I have elaborated in many aspects about our website in the last article, now everyone should have known that we are a website specializing in selling fish table game kits(including games software and accessories). So which products are the best sellers here? Today I have selected our 3 hot-sale and tipical fish table games […]

5 Common Questions That Purchasers Always Ask

5 common questions that purchaser always ask

Every time people visit our website, they will have some questions. Below I have collected 5 common questions they often ask, hoping to help solve your doubts. Question1:What Is is a tranditional B2B company who is specializing in the research and development of fish table game software, and with more than 25 years experience […]

How To Select Suitable Fish Table Games?

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Nowadays, the technology is updated rapidly, what people liked yesterday would not last for tomorrow, the fish table games are no exception. As the owner of arcade room which is mainly engaged in fish table games, You had to face the difficulity of picking suitable softwares for your fish table game business. It is not […]

Why Choose

why choose is a fish table games developer who is aming at providing creativity, research, planning, development and production. With over 25 years R&D experience, intelligent-game has developed over 800+ original fish table games and has sold out 10000+ games across America. Otherwise, intelligent-game not only has its own factory but also has 80+ certificates which […]

How to Choose the Best Fish Game Software for Your Arcade or Game Center

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Fish game software has experienced a surge in popularity in arcades and game centers worldwide due to its engaging gameplay, eye-catching visuals, and cooperative nature. As a venue owner, adding fish game software to your business can lead to significant profits. This comprehensive guide will help you select the best fish game software for your […]

Fire Kirin Game Room

Fish Table Game Room

Fire Kirin is a popular fish table game that has taken American arcades and entertainment venues by storm. Developed by Intelligent Game Software, Fire Kirin is a skill-based game that offers players the chance to win cash prizes by shooting at fish, dragons, and other sea creatures. In this article, we will discuss the Fire […]

How To Win Fire Kirin

Fire Kirin Plus

In the world of online games, fish table games are becoming increasingly popular, and one of the most popular fish table games is Fire Kirin. Developed by a team with over 25 years of experience, Fire Kirin has become a household name in the game world. This game is not only fun but also rewarding, […]